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BS Programs

BS Information Technology (IT)

Program Introduction

We Are Living In The Information Age. For Many Segments Of Society, The Internet Has Already Changed How People Work, Think, Communicate, Or Even Socialize. Many Of The Changes Can Be Attributed To Information Systems That Now Operate Very Widely Over The Internet And Intranets. With The Widespread Commercial Availability Of Computing Technologies And Machinery, Information Systems Have Been The Dominant Application Area Of Computing. At Present, Organizations Have Come To Rely On Information Systems For Their Day-To-Day Operation, Planning, And Decision Making. Effective Use Of Information Technologies Has Become A Critical Success Factor In Modern Society.

Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology,  Offers A Four-Year Degree Program Leading To A BS Degree In Information Technology. BS- Information Technology Degree Is Unique Blend Of Information Systems And Information Technology In One Program. The Program Is Focused On Practical Applications Of Technology And Information Systems To Support Organizations While Adding Value To Their Products And Offerings.

The Degree Offers Courses Across The Complete Spectrum Of Information Technology, Ranging From Non-Technical Areas Such As The Nature Of Information And Organizational Needs For Information Technology, Through The Hardware, Software, Network And Multimedia Technologies Which Are Used To Satisfy These Needs, To The Development And Management Skills Needed To Create And Implement Computer-Based Information Systems. The Degree Structure Provides The Greatest Possible Flexibility, And Gives Students The Broadest Possible Range Of Options From Which To Choose Their Areas Of Specializations.

Graduates From The Course Have The Knowledge And Skills Needed To Use Information Technology Effectively And Develop And Manage Information Technology -Based Systems. The Strong Practical Emphasis Of The Course Prepares Graduates For Careers Working With Information And Information Technology In A Wide Range Of Positions In Business, Government And Industry Both Local And International. In Addition, Graduates Have A Strong Computer Science And Information Technology Base That Enables Them To Capitalize The Increasing Career Opportunities In The Information Technology Sector. And, Students Are Able To Expand And Further The Limits Of Their Knowledge By Pursuing Higher Studies. 

BS (Hons) in English

Program Introduction

The BS (Hons) In English Literature Program At Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology Equips Students With Analytical And Writing Skills Which Can Be Applied To Many Other Situations And Professions. Students Who Choose This Degree Have Numerous Opportunities To Excel In Life.  At Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology, The Study Structure Of The Program Mainly Focuses On The Distinct Literary History Of Pakistan And Provides Students A Unique Chance To Explore Wide Range Of Regional Literature.

The Course Of BS (Hons) In English Literature Program Consists Of Literature And Creative Writing. Both These Tracks Are Intertwined And Organically Linked. The Institute Has An Excellent Reputation For Challenging, Innovative, Forward-Thinking Teaching And Research In Literature And Creative Writing. Faculty Members Are Acclaimed Writers And Scholars Who Are Also Enthusiastic And Experienced Teachers, And Have The Ability To Convey Ideas And Explain Techniques Strongly And Clearly. The Participants Of English Literature Are Taught About The Role Of Creative Writing In Literature. Similarly, Students Of Creative Writing Are Introduced About The Current Literary Trends In Creative Writing.

An Open Disciplinary Spaces Have Been Created Through A Variety Of Subject Combinations. The Combinations Of Disciplines Offered In The Beginning Of Program Train Students For Lifelong Effective Communication In English. The Discipline Broadens The Vision Of Students And Gives Them Deep Insight Into Literature.

A Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology BS (Hons) English Literature Degree Prepares Students For English Majors And For Postgraduate Research In Language And Literature Within And Outside Pakistan. They Also Have The Option Of Joining Various Careers As Digital Copywriter, Editorial Assistant, English As A Foreign Language Teacher, Lexicographer, Magazine Journalist, Newspaper Journalist, Publishing Copy-Editor, Secondary School Teacher, Etc.

BS Chemistry

Program Introduction

Chemistry Is The Science Of The Structure, Properties And Reactions Of Matter. It Is Both A Basic Science, Fundamental To An Understanding Of The World We Live In, And A Practical Science With An Enormous Number And Variety Of Important Applications. Knowledge Of Chemistry Is Essential To Understand Biology And Biochemistry And Certain Aspects Of Geology, Astronomy, Physics, And Engineering.

Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology Offers A Four-Year BS Chemistry Degree Program. The Most Important Motivation For Concentration In Chemistry Is An Intrinsic Interest In The Subject. The Course Offered In Chemistry Is Designed According To The Scheme Of Studies Approved By The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Of Pakistan So As To Meet The National And International Standards.

The Curriculum Offered At The Department Of Chemistry Has The Benefit Of A Flexible Curricular Program Capable Of Preparing Participants For Advance Studies In Chemistry As Well As Careers In Teaching And Research Institutes. Research Is The Key To Success In This Dynamic World Today. The Department Encourages Students To Participate In The Research Projects, And Provide Them With Possible Facilities And Guidance.

The BS Chemistry Program Provides An Uplifting Nurturing Environment That Facilitates And Stimulates The Active And Explorative Learning Of Chemistry To The Students. Chemistry Is A Stepping Stone To A Wide Variety Of Job Opportunities. The Ability Of Chemist To Manipulate Atoms And Molecules Into Complex Shapes Almost Unique Among The Sciences. Nowadays Chemistry Is A Foundation Stone Of Modern Science. While Looking For A Widespread And Interesting Career, Chemistry Is At The Heart Of All The Important Fields.

BS Zoology

Program Introduction

Zoology Is A Branch Of Biology That Studies The Animal’s Life And Kingdom In General. It Includes Inquiry Into Individual Animals And Their Constituent Parts, Even To The Molecular Level, And Inquiry Of Animal Populations, Entire Faunas, And The Relationships Of Animals With Each Other, Plants, And Non-Living Environment. It Is A Vibrant And Growing Discipline With Substantial Relevance For Modern Society.

The Study Of Zoology Is Increasingly Recognized As Vital For Understanding And Protecting Our Planet. The Department Of Life Sciences At Manipulate Offers A Four-Year BS Zoology Degree Program Which Has Been Designed To Address The Future Challenges To The World And Prepares Graduates To Help In Identifying And Suggesting Solutions.

The BS Zoology Program Provides Participants With The Scientific Knowledge About The Study Of Behavior, Characteristics, Evolutionary Trends Of The Different Species Of Animals And Those Factors Having A Direct Impact On Them. The Degree Main Focus Is To Produce Researchers To Serve In Universities, Institutes For Ecology, Environmental Agencies, Veterinary Healthcare, Molecular Biology, Conservation And Forest Management, Public And Private Sectors, Forensic Department, Environmental Institutions And Pathological Laboratories, Etc.

The Degree Program Equips Students With Skills In Various Disciplines Ranging From Molecular Biology, Through Physiology And Neurobiology, To The Study Of Populations In Both An Ecological And Evolutionary Framework. Additionally, The Program Promotes Intellectual Diversity, Interactive And Creativity Centered Learning Experiences, Resulting In A Highly Marketable Interdisciplinary Degree. The Graduates Have The Necessary Skills To Collect, Interpret, And Critically Analyze Chemical Data From Laboratory Experiments And The Scientific Literature Related To All Fields Of Zoology.

BS Mathematics

Program Introduction

Keeping In Mind The Remarkable Importance Of Mathematics, Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology Is Offering A Four-Year BS Mathematics Degree Program That Aims To Present A Wide Range Of Mathematical Concepts To Develop Students’ Critical And Intellectual Abilities. The Program Has Been Designed According To The Scheme Of Studies Approved By The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Of Pakistan To Assure The Quality Education And Equalize It With National And International Standards. The Department Of Mathematics Offers A Variety Of Courses To Have The Benefit Of A Flexible Curricular Program.

The BS Mathematics Assists Students To Enhance Their Quantitative Skills Which Are Highly Valued As A Mathematician. This Degree Prepares Students For A Career In The Public And Private Sectors. The Graduates Can Pursue For Further Studies, Or In Work Finance, Consultancy, Advertising, Management, Banking, Marketing, Accountancy, Commerce, Education, Research And Information Technology.

The Role Of Mathematics Is Inevitably Important In Today’s World. Problem Solving, Thinking Critically And Logically, And High Level Quantitative And Numerical Computational Skills Are Highly Required Attributes In Most Of The Organizations. BS Mathematics Helps Students To Be Highly Numerate. Students Grasp Knowledge To Think Clearly And Logically To Analyze The Situations And Organize Them Accordingly. Additionally, Students Develop Special Skills Which They Can Use In Devising Solutions To Complex Problems. Having Equipped With Such Skills Enable Graduates To Seek Creative Careers In Applied Science, Physics, Banking, Etc. The Department Provides Students All The Possible Facilities And Guidance That’s Beneficial For Them During Their Stay At The Campus.

BS Physics

Program Introduction

Physics Is The Study Of Nature At Its Most Fundamental Level To Discover And Apply The General Laws That Govern Force And Motion, Matter And Energy, Space And Time. It Addresses Questions And Complications On The Frontiers Of Human Knowledge From The Smallest To The Largest Scale. The Answers To These Questions And Complications Have The Potential To Overpoweringly Change Understanding Of The World. The Intellectual Component Resides In The Innate Desire To Understand The Physical Characteristics Of The Universe.

Physics Can Be As Concrete As The Stresses In A Bridge Or As Abstract As The Curved Space-Time Near A Black Hole. It Lies At The Heart Of The Natural Sciences. Almost Any Piece Of Modern Scientific Instrumentation Is Based On Principles Of Optics, Electronics, Or Nuclear Physics And Such Apparatus Usually Has Its Origins In Basic Work Done By Physicists.

Muhammad Ali Institute Science & Technology Offers A Four-Year Bs Physics Degree Program. The Program Is Designed According To The Scheme Of Studies Approved By The Higher Education Commission (Hec) Of Pakistan To Meet The National And International Standards. It Covers All Aspects Of Physics Ranging From Its Foundations To Modern Research. The Offered Courses Have The Flexible Curricular That Is Capable Of Preparing Students For Advance Studies In Physics As Well As Careers In Teaching And Research Institutes. The Department Encourages The Students To Participate In The Research Projects And Provide Them With Possible Facilities And Guidance. In Addition, Students Have The Opportunity To Participate In The Activities Of Different University Societies, Attend Departmental Seminars, And Contribute To The Departmental Governance. The Reasoning, Mathematical, Experimental And Computer Skills Obtained During This Program Will Enable Graduates To Seek Careers In Nuclear Science, Education, Research And Development, Software Development, Nanotechnology, Instrumentation, Etc.